Sex documentary

Like most people my age, one of the things I enjoy talking about the most is sex. I’m at an age where it’s socially acceptable to gloss over the finer details of your sex life with your friends and there not to be a problem with that. But aside from gossiping with girlfriends over my personal experiences I think that sex in itself is a highly interesting and somewhat taboo subject.

I can’t speak for everyone when I say this but I was certainly brought up to believe that sex in any form was a shameful and sinful act that only married men or women could participate in. But as I grew older and especially after I lost my virginity I found that sex wasn’t as bad as my conservative mother once told me it was. But the worst part about growing up not knowing about sex was being completely clueless when it came to meeting guys. So instead of gaining some sort of sexual knowledge from my parents I watched a lot of porn instead. I also dated a string of older men who taught me in essence what I know today. But why should young people these days have to date people five years their senior or constantly visit Redtube to understand the very basics of having a sexual relationship?

The answer is; they shouldn’t. I want young people to know about sex and to have a sound understanding of what a modern day relationship means. So I have decided to spend the next couple of months writing and preparing a documentary which exposes taboo sex. Taboo sex is basically the side of sex you’re parents, teachers or maybe even friends would never tell you about. For me taboo sex is two (or more) people engaging in a sexual act that would otherwise be considered abnormal to the general public. For example people practicing BDSM, polygamy or even people who get paid to have sex on camera are all taboo subjects. I intend to explore all three of them on camera in order for young people to truly understand sex and sexual freedom.

In the meantime if you want to learn more about unusual or taboo sex Karley Sciortino aka Slutever does a great show on that tackles this issue. See it here!

I’ll keep you updated in the coming months as to what is happening with this project. But feel free to ask any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them all.

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