This time three months ago I had a completely different mindset to what I have now. Back then I was ready to face the world. Ready to move. Ready to turn away and never come back. I still am like that but now it’s different. I was immensely looking forward to taking on challenges by myself. I couldn’t have thought of anything worse than having to rely on someone else to do stuff for me. But now as I lie in my brand new, uncomfortable bed in a small room in South London I realise I do need someone there. I miss having someone who would gladly be by my side when no one else would. I miss having that level of friendship with someone. But mostly I miss sleeping next to someone knowing that they felt the same way about me. I know this is embarrassing. I know if anyone reads this they will almost certainly judge me, but haven’t we all pined for reassurance from the opposite sex when faced in a situation that’s unknown?